ACT ON – Creative Methods Unlocking Opportunities

In this course, you will find practical tools to use in your daily work with youth.  The course’s modules are based on 4 creative themes:

  • Lego Serious Play® – methodology to support the youth to cultivate creativity and innovation, to develop and express innovative ideas, to develop problem-solving, communication
    and presentation skills.
  • Community Music as a path to positive youth development; and empowerment of youth (focus on migrant youth) to integrate into society.
  • Drama – to enrich the creative development of youth, foster their creative engagement and develop problem-solving skills.
  • Photovoice – an empowering and flexible process that combines photography with social action. It will empower young people, including those who are facing the risk of social

This course’s lessons will guide you on how to help young people develop their Key-Competencies!

Community Music

In this module, you will learn how to use Community Music to empower young people! The module consists of 4 lessons: 1. Introduction to Community Music 2. Basic music skills 3. Creating a safe environment through music 4. Fostering creativity through music.


Community music: Introduction Community music: Basic Music Skills Community music: Creating a safe environment through music Community music: Fostering Creativity through Music

Drama Course

LEGO Serious Play